real as your shadow

Look at the color of the water. Neon light in soft focus. The self, floating with constellations, scattered like a mandala into the wind.
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the death of retributive justice.

The personification of retributive justice must have a starched white collar set starkly set against a black wool coat. There is no escape. Crossroads. It brings you back like the momentum of a boomerang. Convergence.
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Bird migrating south,
struck from the air by a
flying seal pup.
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the world out there

is a scary place, full of unshoveled roads and pot holes besides. and the world in here is full of stuff to do and little inclination other than catching up on sleep.

waiting to start on blood meridian...

because i almost never make salad...

romaine heart sliced into 1 cm long bits. equal volume finely chopped parsley. several handfuls of sliced sun-dried tomatoes. left over olive-bruschetta. 3 cloves of garlic, minced. balsamic vinegar + olive oil. basil. lime zest. yum.

culinary notes from tonight. :)

1. Cut up red gypsy pepper(s) into panels half the area of your palm as flat as possible. Heat on high with olive oil in frying pan (shiny skin side up) until peppers are soft. Turn over all panels and sprinkle lightly with salt and reduce to low heat for another minute. Add 1-2 T balsamic vinegar + sprinkle some turbinado sugar and mix lightly. Turn off heat. Serve. Mmm.

2. Peel & flatten 1 head garlic. Bisect 0.5-1 lb. of brussel sprouts (and discard loose leaves). Heat garlic in olive oil with 1 T mild paprika until garlic begins to brown slightly. Carefully remove all garlic into a small bowl for later. Mix brussel sprouts into oil so every piece has contact with oil. Place all hemispheres cross-sectional side down on the pan. Cook on medium heat until circular base begins to brown slightly. Flip all pieces over. Sprinkle with salt, basil, & oregano. Mix those cooked garlic pieces back in. Cook on low heat for 3-4 min (depending on size of brussel sprouts). Serve.

message from SfN

something mobilizing the masses can help to do...


Dear SfN member:

We are sending this special notice to alert you that Congress is poised for final votes on NIH funding and your action is vital today. It could mean the difference between a 3.1% increase and what amounts to a 3.7% cut for NIH.

President Bush has vetoed the NIH funding bill, which includes the 3.1% increase. To get the increase, the science community must work for a veto override in the House and Senate – without one, NIH is likely to endure flat funding, which amounts to a 3.7% cut after inflation.

Many of you heard in San Diego that SfN members need to be “citizen-scientists” who make it a priority to tell America why it must actively support essential scientific research. Today is an important day in your role as a citizen-scientist. Votes could be tight and party pressure will be intense.

• A legislative alert from SfN will come shortly and you can choose to take action then.

• To take action right now, use SfN's legislative alert system to contact your representative and senators.
  • Tell them to override the president’s veto of the NIH funding bill.
  • Tell them NIH funding is vital to the health of your community and the nation.
• To learn more about the NIH funding bill and the situation on Capitol Hill, visit SfN's Government Affairs Web page.

With over 38,000 members, the Society for Neursocience can make a difference on Capitol Hill! Call or write your Congress members today! Thank you.

you know you're a grad student when...

"I had a dream where I was at a huge banquet with Nima and Renee, and I was afraid of offending them as vegetarians because, at this banquet, I was eating human flesh."

"Huh. Cannibal Corpse."

"Yeah, really."

"So who were you eating?"

"Actually, I think it was you."